Starting with Street Fighter IV, Capcom has revitalized its iconic fighting game franchises, providing a much-needed boost to the genre as a whole. As the publisher has visited old (Marvel vs. Capcom) and new (Street Fighter X Tekken) concepts, a small but rabid fanbase has asked one question over and over – when will Darkstalkers return?

The monster-based series hasn’t seen a new installment in nearly a decade, but Capcom is looking to remind gamers of its vampires, mummies and werewolves through Darkstalkers Resurrection, a digital-only, two-game compilation featuring Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 (the second and third games in the franchise, respectively). With the game just a few months away, we wanted to revisit each character through move and basic strategy videos, courtesy of the game’s producers. Stay tuned as we’ll roll out new warriors each week!


Featured In: Night Warriors, Darkstalkers 3

Biography: Felicia is part of a half-human race called the catwomen, which were one of the only Darkstalker species that managed to integrate into human society, albeit still with some remaining prejudice. As for Felicia herself, she was orphaned as a infant, and taken in by a Catholic nun named Sister Rose, who raised her to be a  kind and generous individual. Felicia left the convent she grew up in to travel around America, looking for her big break into show business. As she explored different places, she befriended other catwomen who joined her on her quest to become famous. Along the way, many Darkstalkers who met her saw her as a human-loving threat, forcing her to fight more than she’d like.


Featured In: Night Warriors, Darkstalkers 3

Biography: Jon Talbain has been alone his whole life. His mother died shortly after childbirth, and the only thing he knew of his father is that he was a werewolf. As such, Jon also inherited the wolf’s curse, which took hold when the moon shone upon him at night. The society he tried to integrate to cast him aside, and he was alone again. Setting off on a journey of self-fulfillment, Jon seeks to fight those stronger than himself, so to bring himself beyond all his limits, and perhaps in doing so, become human again one day.


Featured In: Night Warriors, Darkstalkers 3

Biography: Morrigan Aensland’s life has always been split between her two homes – the demon world known as the Makai, and the human world. Born in Scotland in the 17th Century, Morrigan’s immense power, even as an infant, was felt by Belial Aensland, ruler of the Makai. Knowing that she would be the best fit to rule the Makai after his death, Belial adopted Morrigan into House Aensland and named her his heir.


Featured In: Night Warriors, Darkstalkers 3

Biography: Demitri Maximoff was once one of the most influential nobles in the demon realm of the Makai. Being ever-thirsty for power, Demitri challenged the ruler of the demons, Belial Aensland. Belial easily defeated him and, as a lesson to all would-be usurpers, exiled the wounded Demitri and his castle to the light of the human world. For one hundred years, Demitri hid in his castle, regaining his strength. After waiting over a century, Demitri was ready to again make his claim to the throne of the Makai, and get revenge on the whole of House Aensland.

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By Richard George