Rayman Legends


Ubisoft has informed us thatRayman Legendsthe U.S. launch is still in September. The below date reflects only the European version's release. Read more here.

***Original Story***

Rayman Legends has, yet again, a new release date. After it was delayed from its February release due to its move to Xbox 360 and PS3, it was said the game would launch in September. Now Ubisoft has announced that it will be available on all three consoles — Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3 — on August 30.

Rayman Legends was originally meant to be a Wii U launch title, but Ubisoft irked fans (and the game's developers) when they announced the original delay. Many felt that since the Wii U version was due out in February anyway (the month the announcement for multiple platforms was made), that Ubisoft should go ahead and release it. Thankfully, the delay hasn't been in vain; 30 new levels have been added toRayman Legends as a result of the situation and Wii U owners are getting a special challenge mode exclusive to the Wii U.

By Matt Liebl