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If you recall, late last year, one of the big rumors was that Sony was working on a Super Smash Bros-style game. Sony hasn't yet confirmed the game which, at the time, was codenamed "Title Fight", but a new leaked image of a survey suggests that the fighting game that will pit a collection of Sony's most famous mascots against each other is actually in development – and could be titled "PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale".

PlayStation Lifestyle posted an image of the survey which asks how players feel about the name and if it "fits this game". According to the site, we could see a reveal of the game at E3 this year in June.

Whether or not this will be the actual name remains to be seen. In my opinion, it doesn't roll off the tongue very easily, at least not as smoothly as its Super Smash Bros. inspiration.

In November of last year, images of the game popped up online showing Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal and Kratos from God of War. It was also rumored that Parappa the Rappa, Sly Cooper, Nathan Drake (Uncharted), Colonel Mael Radec (Killzone) and Fat Princess are also on the roster.

Arenas include a Sandover Village stage (Jak & Daxter), a Hot Shots Golf stage, a LittleBigPlanet stage and a Buzz! trivia mini-game.

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By Matt Liebl