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Let's be honest,Halo 4's Infinity Multiplayer — like most first-person shooters these — has enough content and depth to reside as a standalone title. And a funny little option upon booting upHalo 4's multiplayer has got players questioning whether or not Microsoft plans to do so.

As pointed out by For The Love Of Gaming, when booting upHalo 4's multiplayer, you're asked to either insert disc two or to download the multiplayer from Xbox LIVE. Obviously, the question here is why the second option? Like the website points out, is Microsoft planning to release it separately as a standalone purchase for individuals who might not be interestedHalo's story?

As it turns out, that's not part of Microsoft's plan. Speaking to CVG, Microsoft confirmed, "The option to downloadHalo 4 multiplayer content from Xbox LIVE is simply an additional option we're providing to consumers."

"There are no plans to offerHalo 4Infinity Multiplayer digital download as a separate product or purchase."

It does leave you wondering, what if they did offer it some time down the road? Surely, there are people who purchase the game solely for the multiplayer aspect. There's definitely a market, but for some reason publishers haven't embraced this idea; perhaps it's not as lucrative?

Sony did attempt something similar earlier this year. A year after releasingKillzone 3, Sony consumers the option to purchase the game's multiplayer component as a standalone digital offering. PS3 owners are currently able to download and play all of the shooter's online modes and maps for free up to a certain level. To advance past the rank of Sergeant I they are required to pay $15 to unlock the full experience.

Although, as pointed out in our review,Halo 4's campaign story has plenty to entice gamers, some people are more interested in leveling up online.

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By Matt Liebl