Nicole Polizzi, better known as Snooki on Jersey Shore, has agreed to a deal with a developer to release a number of apps and games starting next month.

The deal is with Apps Genius Corp, a company whose lone game on iOS is Slap a Friend, an app where you can plaster someone’s face onto a character and proceed to beat them around with a bat, drop bowling balls on them, and so on. It’s an appropriate partnership as I can imagine Snooki’s face has been used in this game a number of times.

The other iOS release from Apps Genius is Bed Bug Alert, an app that allows you to keep track and report bed bug infestations. (No, it’s not a game.) Its website lists some of its Facebook projects, which include Bruisers (a “turn based strategy war game” with pirates and ninjas), Drama Llama (“Now you can track who causes the most drama among your friends and family”), and My Mad Millions (a game where you must spend $300 million and have nothing left over at the end).

The deal allows Apps Genius to develop and distribute as many as eight social games and mobile apps featuring Snooki. These are planned for release on iOS, Android, Facebook, and Google+. Four apps or games will be released within the next year, with the first coming up at the end of November.

“These games and applications are my new favorite accessories, and I love them to death,” Snooki said in today’s press release. “Having worked on these from the beginning, I know Jersey Shore viewers and my other fans will love them. I can’t wait to release the first one that we have been working on with Apps Genius.”

Snooki made it big on Jersey Shore, an MTV reality show that debuted in 2009 and is just wrapping up its fourth season this week. She released a book, A Shore Thing, earlier this year, which today’s press release reminds us of by referring to her as a New York Times bestselling author. The book initially sold quite poorly but did make the the Times’ extended bestseller list in January.

While the idea of a Snooki game of some sort sounds disastrous, it’s not as if the iOS App Store doesn’t already have its fair share of junk on it.

By Chris Pereira