UCF zombie nation

As a UCF alumni, this is pretty freaking awesome.The song "Kerncraft 400" will be featured in this yearNCAA Football 14. The extremely catchy Zombie Nation song is a crowd favorite as many stadiums across the college football landscape, but it has becomethe song of Bright House Networks Stadium. Oooooh, oooooh, oh, oh, oh, ooooh… yea, you can see why it's played quite often at sporting events.

Of course, this isn't the only track being added to the popular college football game. In an effort to improveNCAA Football 14's presentation, EA will be adding several licensed songs including The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army." I know for a fact that the University of Miamiloves to play this song.

“We went out to about 30 stadiums this year to record crowd chants,” said producer Ben Haumiller. “We licensed songs like ‘Zombie Nation’ and ‘Seven Nation Army’ because there wasn’t a single game that I went to or watched, where these anthems weren’t playing and the crowd wasn’t chanting along to them.

"It’s all about the crowd chant on top of the songs, so we have recordings of these chants that we’re going to play, and these aren’t just for during a timeout, they’ll start pumping these between second and third down, and it really adds a lot to the atmosphere to make the game feel more legit," he added.

Haumiller also noted that the developers have stripped the game of its "resource hogs," like the ESPN menus in backgrounds. This year, the game's menus will feature more of a "whiteboard style font," which Haumiller says "speeds everything up."

"ESPN is still in the game in terms of in-game presentation, but in the front end, we wanted to go with a quicker, cleaner look and have something that’s more 2-D based.” Also new to the game are dynamic load screens which will provide more information — top players, injured players, etc. — for the game you're about to play. Various stats will also pop up after every play during the game.

Elsewhere in the interview, Haumiller talks about the 500 new vignettes added, enhanced commentary, and increased stadium and uniform detail.


By Matt Liebl