Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has finally come for us to unveil our much more improved site layout.

As you might have noticed, our navigation changed a little bit at the top, now highlighting the various sections of the site, such as News, Reviews, and Videos, rather than focusing on console specifics. That option is still available however, as you can filter the stuff you want to see.

Browsing games and the content surrounding them is now more streamlined as well. A game's product page will immediately display all related news articles, screenshots, videos and even related games that might interest you.

We're definitely going to be focusing on more user content, mainly because we want to know what you guys like. Some things that will be implemented in the near future are:

  • Leveling system
  • Badge system
  • User submitted reviews
  • User submitted videos / screenshots
  • Follow specific games or sections to get the coverage you want

By Mike Splechta