FIFA 14 dribbling screenshot

Expectations are high for the recently announcedFIFA 14. Outlook for the next installment of EA's extremely popular franchise is so positive that its producer, Sebastian Enrique, is no longer considering other soccer games –Pro Evolution Soccer — the only competition.

"I respect Konami a lot and they produce good games. A lot of people have played their games for ages. I think having competition is a good thing but we don't consider competition to just be Pro Evolution Soccer. Call of Duty is also competition.

"People that are playing Call of Duty are not playing FIFA. We want them to play FIFA and we achieve that by creating the best possible game that we can create," FIFA 14producer Sebastian Enrique said."That's what we focus on."

Looking ahead towards the game's launch later this year, Enrique expectsFIFA 14 sales to surpass that ofFIFA 13which, as of the end of 2012, sold 12 million units.FIFA 14 is officially announced for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC; however, EA noted that "additional formats" will be revealed in the coming months. As forCall of Duty, Activision hasn't yet announced its next installment, but I'm expecting it will be revealed alongside the next Xbox.


By Matt Liebl