Dragon Quest X

The new Dragon Quest for Wii and Wii U will have an MMO-like style. To go along with that, it may also have an MMO-like usage fee.

The newly-launched Dragon Quest X website has a spec sheet that lists both “price” and “usage fee.” According to Andriasang, they are both currently “TBA” (as in “to be announced”), so at least as of yet, Square Enix isn’t saying if DQX will have some sort of subscription fee that’s required to play online.

Of course, even if one had been announced, it wouldn’t necessarily apply for North American or European gamers. Our news story earlier today mentions how Monster Hunter Tri influenced Dragon Quest IX and seems to be doing the same with DQX. Tri costs money (in the form of Wii Points) to play online in Japan; those in the United States and Europe, on the other hand, are able to play free of charge.

DQX won’t be out until sometime during 2012 in Japan, so it may be a while yet before we begin to hear any talk of online fees, particularly those in regards to western markets.

By Chris Pereira