Defiance Image

If you've been enjoying your time destroying Hellbugs and raiding Arks, you can consider yourself among the million of players that have created a Defiance account since launch. The game has only been out for one month, making that million account milestone definitely impressive.

Trion has shared a few statistics from the game:

  • The not so cute or cuddly hellbugs have put up a good fight, but gamers are showing an incredible love for dropkicking, exploding and decimating them by annihilating more than 500,000,000 hellbugs to date.
  • Jumping on their ATV and cruising around the Badlands has led to gamers driving 50,000,000 miles around the terra formed Bay Area.
  • Banding together, Ark Hunters have engaged in triggering and battling back an incredible 1,000,000 Arkfalls.

However, one of the more exciting announcements, that tie the show and game together, is that the show will feature a players character in the show, thanks to the Defiance Most Wanted contest. Up until now, many of the ties between the show and game have been rather weak, but this seems to give incentive for players to truly gun for being number one.

For information on the contest and to register, make sure to visit the Defiance Most Wanted page.

Oh and of course, congratulations Trion!

By Mike Splechta