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Dead Island Riptide Image

Dead Island Riptide will once again put players into the shoes of four survivors as they try to fight off the zombie apocalypse on an island paradise.

Announced and available for pre-order starting today, the Dead Island Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition will include a bunch of sweet and enticing extras for those looking to take their zombie slaying even further. The game won't release until April 23, but the quantities for this edition are quite limited, so waiting until the last minute to get this would be a mistake. The Rigor Mortis Edition will cost $79.99 and comes packaged in an iconic suitcase which includes the following items:

  • Dead Island Riptide Special Edition game with alternate box art, digital strategy map and in-game unlockable content
  • Zombie hula girl bobble figurine
  • Severed hand bottle opener / fridge magnet
  • Bungalow key with wooden tag

Featuring character-import options for fans who want to carry over their original saved games, Dead Island Riptide is the thrilling next chapter in the Dead Island universe. Co-op has never been more important as Dead Island Riptide players band together to defend new, key territories in water-soaked tropical locales against hordes of never-before-seen zombie types. Also, a new playable character class, fresh gameplay mechanics and drivable boats plunge you ever-more into the depths of what’s really lurking behind the deadly zombie infestation….

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By Mike Splechta