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Dark Souls Image

Ho, ho, ho. For those good boys and girls this year, Santa got you souls. For you bad children, Santa got you a great club – TO THE FACE. This video was put together by user Youtube userCommissionerOdo It’s not surprising that Santa has murderous sprees in the Dark Souls universe; after all, why wouldn’t he?

It’s simple, really. You invade good old Saint Nick’s realm and he lays out presents for you. If you take the gift, not attack Santa, and leave – all is well. Merry Christmas. If you’re naughty, take, and attack Santa… well, Santa is going to have to put you down. Praise the Sun!

Am I the only one who thought of Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 while watching this video? Wait… am I the only one who’s ever seen Silent Night, Deadly Night 2? Naughty!

Dat naughty music.

[Kotaku via YouTube]

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By Andrew Clouther